Our Services

Hours of Operation

The Kangaroo Club opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.


We know that concern for the safety of your child tops your list of things to consider when selecting a child care center. The Kangaroo Club has a strict identification procedures to ensure that your child is protected. All of our teachers are certified in first aid and child CPR. When outside the classroom, on the playground or on a field trip, teachers carry cell phones and first aid kits. Of course, prevention is key so our classrooms and playgrounds are designed to be safe for your youngster to run and play.

Since 2004

The philosophies embraced by The Kangaroo Club were created by a working mom searching for a quality program for her own two children. Our center has been privately owned and operated by that same woman for the last 10 years.

After School Care

To provide a structured program that includes individual and group activities, supervised free-time and supervised outdoor play.

We will also offer a quiet place with staff to help with homework for enrolled children. The after school program at KC is focused on letting the children be themselves. With a laid back atmosphere and relaxed structure, the children can choose the activity they want to do, but still have the opportunity to participate in planned activities. This location is split into centers to allow for more intense activities.

The centers include: a library, a kitchen, computer area, school play area, dollhouse, media area with games and a BBQ for outdoor cooking classes. Although the children are free to choose what they want to do, we regularly have crafts and activities that are planned for the children to participate in. Located directly beside our center is a half acre fenced in playground. During warm weather, the children will be outside daily.

They have a huge area to run in that usually has a game of kickball, football, or soccer going. There is a seesaw, large play set and basketball goal. The children are constantly complaining about having to leave the daycare, so we have started having random fundraising lock-ins to help gain items for the daycare. The lock-ins allow parents to have affordable babysitting after daycare hours.

The parents also can freely enjoy themselves knowing that their children are well supervised by the trained staff that the children see regularly during the day .